Sales terms only for companies not in Germany

All deliveries shall be subject strictly to the present Terms. Terms and conditions of differing content shall not commit us,even where we do not expressly reject them. Terms and conditions of differing content shall only be deemed where they have been expressly recognised by us in writing.

1. Contract

All contract need the writing form.  Our quotations are without obligation. The Contract and obligation to supply shall take effect only when we have given our written confirmation of order.

2. Prices, payments

Our prices are ex-stock Haverlah.  Packaging, freight and any customs and excise duties and insurance premiums shall be charged for separately.  Our invoices shall be paid within 15 days without deduction or other payment term on the invoice.  

3. Delivery

Delivery time shall have been interrupted until all of the details have been clarified

4.Despatch, packaging

Despatch shall be at the risk of the Ordering Party.  Packaging material shall be charged for at prime cost.


Should the Ordering Party be found to be in default, in this case, we shall be at liberty, without being required to furnish the pertinent evidence, to demand compensation in amount equivalent to 25% of the purchase price.

6. Warranty

The period of warranty shall be governed by the statutory provisions of the German Civil Code (BGB). We are to be notified in writing of readily detectable defects within 14 days of receipt of the goods.

7. Retention

All goods supplied shall remain our property until all amounts have been paid in full.

8. Copyright

Drawings, technical descriptions, operating instructions and other documentation are our industrial secret .They may not be copied, duplicated or be made available to third parties.

9.  Law

All Contracts are under the Law of Germany.

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