China valve centre. all, what you need

Together with several big Chinese manufacturers establish the Co. Schneeberg the China valve centre in Germany.


Schneeberg works as representative and agency,make the first contact. The drawings, offer etc come directly from China.


For demand within 3 weeks we delivery the valves from stock in Germany. Otherwise the valves will be transported per train or ship from stock in China. So will the price and delivery time optimal.


China valve centre means that you can become all valves from us, for any type, any materials and any using. For example Handvalve or automation valve,  steel or inconel, for chemical,Chlorservice or nuclear power station.

1570604848299587副本.jpg    Schneeberg Union
       Representative and sole agency of 
      Suzhou Fleu Valve Co. Ltd and
      SUFA Technology industry Co. Ltd. CNNC
      in Germany
      Founded in 2011

Schneeberg Union Flow Technic GmbH is a reliable supplier of valves according to DIN and ASME standard. We supply valves with all typs, all pressure rating and all materials for chemicals, petrochemicals, power,  waterworks and building industries.

1.jpg    Suzhou Fleu
     Founded in 1990
leading manufacturers of DIN valves
DIN Specialist
a factory with German habit


Suzhou Fleu specializes in the engineering excellence and production acc. to DIN and EN Standards. Suzhou Fleu has own foundry for stainless steel and machining shop. It is the TUEV's first customer for AD2000 W0 Certificate for castings and AD2000 A4 Certificate for valves in China.

sufa.jpg    Suzhou SUFA
     Founded in 1952  
leading manufacturer ASME valves
member of China national nuclear co.
since 1997 on Shenzhen stock exchange

SUFA is a technology leading manufacturer integrating the research and development Centre. Sufa is a main supplier worldwide for high reliable valves in oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical, chemical industry, thermo-power, nuclear power plant, on shore/off shore, etc. Sufa is the first manufacturer in China obtained API 6D certificate in 1982, ISO 9001 certificate in 1993. SUFA deliveries valves to international markets since 1988.

1571206485195536-1.jpg    Binhai Wanheng
      Founded in 1986, casting for valves 
  15000 Tonne investment casting a year
  16000 Tonne sand casting a year
  48" 4500lbs

Binhai Wanheng is worldwide biggst and mordeste foundry for vavles castings for steel, stainless stell and alloies, has ASME certifikat for nuclear valves and parts.

HMV厂区.jpg     Hunt & Mitton
      since 1842
      Euro Chlor approval certificate 1604905608717167.jpg

Hunt & Mitton bellows seal globe valves for Hazardous Chemicals 

With more than 60 years valve manufacturing experience, we are able to offer the complete solution for nuclear industry, large power plant and oil refinery.

Quality management is of central importance at our company. More than 3000 high qualitative employees work in our foundry and valves manufacturing plants. We guarantee a safe and reliable product through the best casting quality, fine machining and a lot of tests.

Our prodution and products are approved in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000, PED, AD 2000 A4, AD 2000 HP0, API 6D, API 6A, API624, ISO15848  TR,  Euro Chlor etc. As a quality supplier, we are committed to provide customers high performance valves.

Schneeberg Union valves: the strongest Factories-union from China

1570607735886755.png  Hunt & Mitton, WANHENG

Details about our production and products:
DIN valves
ASME valves
Chlor valves
Casting parts

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